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As the renowned digital assets exchange in Brazil (voted best 3 times in a row by the largest Bitcoin community) and elected the most secure by aCCESS Security Lab and Passfolio, by independent research, Walltime is growing fast. Our current focus is exchange BRL ⇔ BTC in Brazil but we intend to launch additional cryptocurrencies, others fiat currencies and operate in multiple countries.


Walltime is a technology company at heart — launched by a cryptocurrencies expert & an experienced IT executive. Built by an amazing team — and we strongly believe in doing code right, even when it takes longer and costs more. We have a deceptively simple user interface hiding a huge level of sophistication and care underneath.

To support this growth while keeping our reputation of excellence we are hiring worldwide.

Current opportunities are in software development (we are a functional programming shop - we do Scheme, Clojure, Javascript, Java & Python), support and operational, finance, administrative roles, accounting, marketing and design. For software developers only, we demand an advanced English (Portuguese knowledge is optional); for other positions we currently require fluency in Portuguese and also English proficiency.

To build and keep an excellent team we seek for high potential candidates, and we understand that very capable people under-perform in traditional interviewing processes. An important reference to understand our perspective on hiring: The Hiring Post, by Thomas & Erin Ptacek.

Our team is diverse — we already had in our team administrators, aeronautical and mechanical engineers, system analysts, musicians, computer scientists, lawyers and law students, economists and programmers (among other profiles). At Walltime we encourage independence and give the opportunity to exercise real influence in the company. We are looking for autonomous people who like challenges of this type.

Walltime is a distributed company with the majority of employees working remotely at full time (although we hang out occasionally). Our headquarters office where the minority non-remote staff works is in the CambuĂ­ neighborhood in Campinas, SP, Brazil.

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To Apply

Phase I

The first step is: send us an email to Encrypt the email using GPG with our public key: and subject Apply - Walltime Deltoid d08d3b - Your Name Here (please replace "Your Name Here" with your name). The email contents should be as follows:

  • Your updated CV or a link to your LinkedIn as well as Github profiles or other portfolios. Let an updated phone number in either your CV or in the email's body;
  • The signature of the message: Quero trabalhar na vanguarda da economia digital! made with a Bitcoin client, along with the corresponding Bitcoin address for verification;
  • Answers to the following:
    • In which areas are you most interested? Software development, support and operational, finance, administrative roles, accounting, marketing or design? (pick more than one area of interest is acceptable)
    • Do you wish to work in Campinas? Or are you looking for remote employment?
    • Do you seek full-time employment or an internship opportunity ("estágio" as understood in Brazil)?
    • Are you willing to consider opportunities including weekends and Brazilian holidays?
    • i) How can you summarize and ii) what are your thoughts on the following handbook: Valve - Handbook for new employees? Please keep your response below four paragraphs and you may write on either English or Portuguese.

This first phase intention is to conduct the full selection process with people genuinely interested in Bitcoin and willing to learn communicate and work securely. We will also make a brief evaluation of your writing skills and attention to detail based in your email.

Phase II and beyond

Everyone that concludes the first phase successfully will receive an invitation for a private communication channel for final process.

The details will change slightly depending on your experience, which role that you seek, and other factors and we will do our best to accommodate different styles and availability levels (an example: software developers can choose between reasonably quick online coding tests or build mini projects). Every candidate will participate in at least a few objective tests.

We commit to provide clear feedback to all candidates that wish to receive it, and we also will endeavor to keep everyone well informed during the entire process.

Thank you, good luck!